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Sawyer Realty Partners offers a variety of floor plans and a number of unique features and amenities across our seven communities in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

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I am proud to say I have been a partner and investor with the Rosenbergs/Sawyer Realty Partners for the past 20 years.

I can unequivocally say that they are first class people, as well as exceptional operators and stewards for my capital.

Our track record with them has been exceptional.

They have great “respect for capital” they are transparent, detailed and very experienced in execution.

Investing is all about trust, knowledge and experience. It is not only how you invest, but also when to invest. It also requires the discipline of protecting your downside.

The Sawyer Realty team is all of the above and I am proud to be associated with them.

Dean Adler CEO and Co-Founder, Lubert Adler

Knowledge & Experience

Knowledge & Experience

Founded over 25 years ago by CEO David Rosenberg, Sawyer Realty Partners has the unique ability to envision, assemble, and structure extraordinary real estate transactions. Ownership and key personnel have over 100 years of combined experience, enabling us to evaluate transactions and develop highly effective and successful business plans. We structure complex real estate transactions by accessing our deep financial resources, innovative financing, longstanding relationships, and our knowledge and experience in the multi-family industry.

What We Offer

Property Mangement

Property Management

The timely acquisition of a property is just the first step in creating a Sawyer Realty community. 


Investments & Acquisitions

Investments & Acquisition

Sawyer Realty’s proven investment model has provided substantial returns to investors for over two decades.


Hotels & Retaurants

Guest by guest, neighborhood by neighborhood, we extend our unique brand of hospitality throughout different communities through our six restaurants managed by Good N U Hospitality.